Confidential Commitment Card

The Greater Things pledges are faith commitments we make together as a church toward the purpose of God. They are not legally binding and can be changed or canceled if needed based on your life circumstances. Your individual commitment is confidential and will not be published or shared in any way.

You may also print a commitment cardpdf and mail it to the church office.

  • $ USD
  • $ USD -- This should be the amount that is over and above your normal giving. For example, if you normally give $1,000 per month and you are going to begin giving $1,500 per month, you would put $500 in this box as your commitment to Greater Things.
  • $ USD -- This would be equal to the box above (#2) x 36. (36 months = 3 years).
  • $ USD -- A one time gift could be a gift of cash, stock, appreciated assets, property, etc. given at any time during the three year commitment and given as a single gift, not a repeated monthly commitment.
  • $ USD -- This would include the total of your three-year commitment (#3) + any one-time gifts (#4). This would not include what you normally give to First Baptist.
  • * required